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Flexi Plate with PEX - Bambu Lab A1, X1 Series, P1 Series - 258 x 258

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Size: 258 x 258 mm / 10.15" x 10.15"

*Fits: Bambu Lab A1, X1, X1 Carbon (or X1C), X1E, P1P, and P1PS

*May fit: TwoTrees SK1 (exact fit but without alignment tab)

Since the BambuLab has a built-in magnetic bed, this is not a kit, only a Flexi Plate with a pre-installed PEX Build Surface. The QR is not needed to use our plate but we are including 5 QR stickers to add if desired. 

  • 1 Wham Bam Flexi Build Plate (spring steel) with pre-installed PEX Build Surface
  • 5 QR stickers

****PETG has the tendency to bond to PEX, we highly suggest using a glue stick as a barrier when printing PETG on standard settings. For more on how to print PETG on the PEX build surface without glue, please read this guide

View the full chart of filament settings on PEX

*If your sticker is not being recognized on the X1 series, please update with the latest firmware.

**Attention: It is the buyer’s responsibility to be sure the size selected will work on your machine. Measure your bed, do not rely on build volume and see if you are happy with the size before ordering. Please keep in mind that on one side you will have a tab that sticks out another 15mm. Wham Bam is not responsible for mistaken order sizes

***It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any taxes and import duties. No refunds of uncollected customs packages.

Customer Reviews

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Todd Candee
Flexi plate with PEX Bambu X1E

Great plate. I have only used it with ASA filament thus far. Has about the same bed adhesion as the Bambu smooth PEI plate but better release after cool down. Really does not have adequate bed adhesion for ASA. With ASA, the Bambu High temp plate has better bed adhesion.


Not a huge fan of being instructed to immediately scuff up the surface of the plate until it’s at a satin finish with no noticeable lines. Don’t really see why that couldn’t be done at the factory with a machine meant to do it. Otherwise it’s a good plate but kinda wish the PEX was on both sides. Or would that push the recommend bed temp up another 10C to 80?


Followed the instructions and never looked back...I have had issues with ASA not sticking but a little glue stick and knock on wood we have had no issues


Love their products

Mike Finneran
Best plate I have used

Couldn’t be happier%21 Solved all my warping issues. Just ordered one for my A1 Mini.