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the MUTANT V2 Mobile Plate

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the MUTANT Mobile Plate holds your hot end and tool mounts and attaches directly to the Fixed Plate (not included). In order to mount your hot end or tool to the machine, print out one of our many available hot end mounts from the list below or create your own with our mobile plate mounting template. For all downloads and installation information, visit the MUTANT support page.

*Attention: Please do not mount this yourself if you don’t already have knowledge and proficiency in working with electrical components. The electrical work is pretty easy, simply inserting wires into connectors, no soldering, no firmware adjustments. If in doubt please bring it to a certified electrician. Wham Bam Systems is not responsible for any damage this may cause to your machine or equipment, so please use caution when installing and testing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Robert Baines
not used mine but nice if using a single nozzle

not used mine as needed dual power as two nozzle heaters and this only does one.

James Hallock
Still room for improvement

This couple is definitely better than all the other couplers and holds up a lot longer but just like Any other couple with this design it will soon fail, I have found that flanging the end of the Bwden tube as if you would a brake line system And I used a 3d printed push fitting so it pinches the tube where I've flanged it l, After I have done that I have not noticed any movement with the bowden tube

Alex Karpishin
Great addition for my 3d printing

One of the greatest solution for having multiple tools set’s with quick change. Only would recommend to reposition connectors on mobile plate to face front of the printer. In overall happy client :-)

Jay McDonald
Great stuff

Super easy way to support easy hotend swaps

Jay McDonald
Love the mutant stuff

Fantastic product. Makes switching extruders easy!