Back To School / Backing Schools

Back To School / Backing Schools



August is back to school time and we want to support the growing number of schools that have STEM and STEAM programs using 3d printers. During the entire month of August if you spend $100 or more you can select one local school or non-profit maker space to give them up to $100 of Wham Bam store credit! 

$100 purchase = $50 credit

$150 purchase = $75 credit

$200 purchase = $100 credit

Applies to Elementary, Junior High, High School, or non-profit maker space with tax-exempt status in purchaser's state. Redeemers must provide tax-exempt status paperwork.

Qualifying purchases must be during August of 2021 on the Wham Bam website and must be redeemed before the end of September 2021. $100 minimum purchase applies only to the product cost and does not include taxes, shipping, and other costs.

One deal per customer. One redemption per school. No refunds on the original order after the deal has been redeemed. 

To redeem please provide your order # and full name to the qualified redeemer purchasing department and have them contact us at