What is the Hotbox for FDM?

The Wham Bam HotBox is a lightweight, easy to assemble 3D printer enclosure. If you want to print ABS, Nylon, PC, and other high-temperature filaments, an enclosure is one of the best upgrades for your machine. Now in 3 sizes to fit most printers!

The entire HotBox line is made of high-grade Nylon 600D fabric with fire-resistant coating and lined with a metallic heat deflecting internal liner that sandwiches around a strong, lightweight honeycomb insulating structure. This helps to control the temperature and reduce sound from your 3D printer. The front panel has a large clear window for maximum visibility and easily lifts up for full access to your printer.

Quick & Easy To Install Or Store

No tools needed for install, takes only seconds to zip up. Folds up flat, easy to store and transport!

Get the features you need without the limitations

Have the flexibility to access your enclosure, run cables, and vent fumes all with a lightweight, fold away solution!

P1P HotBox

Designed especially to fit the Bambu Lab P1P perfectly, even when using the AMS!

Original HotBox

Designed to fit Ender 3 sized printers (or smaller) with enough room for a desk mounted spool holder or tool holder alongside your machine. The internal measurements are 568mm x 568mm x 484mm, 21.2" x 21.2" x 19" and has already been confirmed to fit: Creality Ender 3 models, Elegoo Neptune models, Prusa MK Models, and many more, click here to see our full list.

HotBox Mega

Designed to fit most 300 x 300 3D printers, the internal measurements are 685mm x 685mm x 633mm, or 27" x 27" x 25", and the HotBox Mega has already been confirmed to fit: Creality CR models and many more, click here to see our full list.

FDM HotBox Accessories

Upgrade your HotBox with these add-on accessories!

Resin HotBox

We also have a line of HotBox designed espically for Resin printers.