What Is The Flexible Build System?

Are you having a difficult time getting your 3D print to stick to your printer bed? Does your print peel up during a long print and destroy your work? Are you tired of temporary fixes such as glue sticks, hair spray, and painter’s tape? Once you get your print to stick, do you have to pry, chisel, cut the perimeter, or put your bed in the freezer, just to get your print off the surface without gouging the surface or cutting yourself?

We have created the specially formulated Wham Bam PEX Polymer Build Surface which surpasses PEI in temperature resistance, performance, and material ‘stickability”. It sticks so well you would have a heck of a time getting the print off the bed without our Wham Bam Flexi Build Plate. Simply remove the Wham Bam Flexi Build Plate from the Wham Bam Flexi Magnetic Base on your 3D printer when the print is finished and flex slightly to pop your print right off! See our demo video below.

Best in Class Materials for Ultimate Quality

Wham Bam Flexi Build Plates are made from high quality spring steel that won't kink or warp when you flex them, they just return back to shape! The Spring Steel has been formulated with a Chromium Alloy creating a rust proof steel for long life.

Our magnets are super strong and have all been formulated to resist up to 150°C of long term use, so you can heat your bed to high temps for specialty filaments and not worry about loss of performance.

We have developed the Wham Bam PEX Build Surface from a specially formulated polymer with a higher melt point than even PEI to attract most any filament without damaging the sheet. Prints easily pop off once cooled and flexed.

Our adhesives are Authentic 3M brand adhesives specially chosen and formulated with 3M to achieve the highest performance results.

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Difference between flexible build system and double wham

  • Flexible Build System

    The Flexible Build System includes everything you need to upgrade your machine to the best magnetic flexible solution! It comes with a powerful, temperature resistant Magnetic Base which gets mounted to your heated bed, and Flexi-Plate with a Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface.

  • Double Wham

    The Double Wham contains everything in the Flexible Build System plus an extra Flexi Plate with PEX allowing for fast removal, take off the Flexi Plate after printing, replace with the second plate, and hit print. Grab a Double Wham to enjoy the productiveness of nearly continuous printing!

Original FBS VS XTR

Kits available in our original high performance line or our new eXTReme line of Flexible Build System for FDM which improves on the most powerful magnet and Flexi Plate available, designed specifically for the increased performance needed on Prosumer and Industrial machines.

PEX Build Surface

PEX is our trade name for this Wham Bam developed build surface that is similar, yet superior to PEI. PEX has a higher glass transition rate and higher melt point than PEI allowing you to print nearly any filament including resisting PETG from bonding too well with the build surface. It has the least adhesion of the four surfaces so it takes getting settings right and setting your gap right. The Original Flexi Plate is 0.4mm thick and the XTR Flexi Plate is 0.6mm thick before adding our 0.35mm PEX.

Powder Painted PEI Flexi Plate

Powder painted PEI Flexi Plate is a specially coated Flexi Plate, it has been treated and coated with Ultem Brand PEI coating then baked in a kiln to set it permanently to the plate. Our Powder Painted Plates are double sided so you can keep one side pristine and experiment with the other. The powder painted surface is heavily textured and leaves the bottom of your prints with a nice texture pattern. It behaves similarly to the PEI build surface in settings and resistance. The Original PP Flexi Plate is 0.4mm thick and is 0.6mm thick after Ultem brand PEI coating. The XTR PP Flexi Plate is 0.6mm thick and is 0.8mm thick after Ultem brand PEI coating.

PEI Build Surface

PEI, or Polyetherimide, is an advanced temperature resistant polymer build surface. Most materials stick to a PEI build surface and it has a high temp resistance, but some high temp filaments that have a similar molecular structure such as copolymers PETG can stick strongly to it and be difficult to pull off. PEI has medium adhesion, it is harder for the beginner to use than PC, but once you dial in your settings and keep it clean, it is wonderful. Wham Bam uses official Ultem PEI.

PC Build Surface

PC or Polycarbonate, is what many printer companies use as their standard build surface. This is a good beginner surface because of it's simplicity of getting a good first layer stick that makes up for bad level or gap settings. However PC has a lower melt temputure than other build surfaces, so high temp filaments can permanently fuse to it, so it is only recommended to use with PLA and TPU. Our PC sheet has a slight texture on it to give a nice bottom layer pattern and promote adhesion.

Magnetic Base

Our Magnetic Base has been specially formulated to resist high temperatures for long periods of time, without any loss of performance. Guaranteed to resist heated beds up to 140°C continuously. They are pre-backed with high-temperature 3M adhesive making installation a breeze. The Original Magnet is 1mm thick and the XTR Magnet is 2mm thick.

Flexi Plate

Made from high-quality flexible spring steel designed to be bent thousands of times without kinking. The spring alloy contains a high level of chromium to ensure no rust or oxidation for its lifetime. The Original Flexi Plate is 0.4mm thick and the XTR Flexi Plate is 0.6mm thick. Build surface sold separately.