FDM Accessories

the cloud

Your Personal Printer Sentry

the Cloud is a personal extinguishing device for any 3d printer, laser, or CNC that gives you peace of mind when leaving your machines unattended for hours at a time!

the Cloud will only activate with direct contact with a flame for at least 3 seconds and will not trigger due to ambient temperature or smoke. Once activated it makes a brief explosion launching a cloud of ABC extinguishing powder into the air around the device. The powder quickly extinguishes almost any fire within its perimeter. Rated as a Class A, B, C, E, and F fire extinguisher. 

Slap Mat

Protect your work surface from your resin printer and other hobbies with the Slap Mat family of products. Made of pure 100% first-grade silicone, they will not be harmed by printer resins, most chemicals, or most glues! So it works great under your printer or as a general craft mat, protecting your work surface from gluing, body putty, painting, and even resisting melted solder and the tip of most soldering irons for up to 3 minutes.

Official T-Shirt

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