What is the MUTANT?

The Universal Tool Swapping System
The MUTANT™ is an innovative new system that allows you to transform your FDM printer into so much more! The MUTANT™ gives you the ability to change your hot end on the fly, mount various hot ends, and other tools such as laser cutters, pen plotters, food plungers, ceramic printers, dial gauges, vinyl cutter, and just about anything you think of can be driven by the machine's mechatronic components!
The MUTANT™ began development in mid-2018 and is both patent-pending and trademarked. In early 2019 James Tongue joined us and co-developed the MUTANT with Peter Solomon. The MUTANT was beta tested for 5+ months starting in August 2020, in June of 2021 the MUTANT evolved into V2, and by the end of the year the MUTANT won the 2021 Good Design Award.

The MUTANT™ will allow you to quickly swap out a clogged hotend and add:
- different hotend setups
- laser cutter and engraver
- pen and market plotters
- CNC mill
- food extruders
- ceramic and clay extruders
- dial gauge indicator
- drag knife and vinyl cutter

The MUTANT™ V2 makes it so simple to swap out any hot end or tool in seconds; just shut down your machine, swing down the locking lever, and remove your current hot end, replace it with another, swing up the lever to lock in place, and turn back on your machine!
The MUTANT can easily mount to nearly any FDM machines (except for deltas at the moment) with V-Slot wheels or can mount to nearly any machine with MGN12H linear rail bearings top or front-mounted as well as to Prusa i3 style machines.
The MUTANT is a workhorse, made to last, and made to ensure consistency. The body is made from glass-filled Nylon and able to resist long periods in heated enclosures up to a max of 140 °C. They contain high-performance PCBs with 2 leads rated at 10 Amps each and 18 leads rated at 3 Amps each. Works with 12 or 24 Volt DC systems. You are able to mount all types of bed leveling sensors. Works with Remote Extruders or Direct Drive Extruders.

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The MUTANT Technical Support

Review our installation guides and our ever-growing library of STL's for the MUTANT, created by amazing developers.