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Turning Off the Eco Setting on a CR-10S Pro

Turning Off the Eco Setting on a CR-10S Pro

Attention CR-10S Pro users! These machines are shipping with an energy saving mode which drops the bed temperature partly into the print time. This drop in temperature will cause the PEX to release your print, you will need to turn off this setting when using our PEX Build Surface.

If the display shows «Energy saving mode is on» when printing, follow these 2 steps to turn it off.

1) Press the «Adjust» button on the lower right of the printing window.

2) In the «Adjustment»-screen, middle left under the Z-axis Compensation, you can switch the economic-settings to off.


If you have a machine other than the CR-10S Pro with similar settings, please let us know in the comments or by email. Thank you in advance!