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This LED BAR USB light is a perfect addition to your HotBox enclosure, inside your resin printer, hung from your FDM printer, on a CNC machine, or wherever you need more light! Easily add one or two lights to your V2 HotBox by securing the lights under the built-in loops. Use the included brackets to mount just about anywhere else, or design your own system and share with the community.

LED BAR USB specs:
  • - Lamp Dimensions  310 x 18 x 7.5mm
  • - Cable 2.5 meter with on/off switch and USB plug.  (does not include USB wall transformer)
  • - Power DC 5V
  • - 600 lumen
  • - CE Certified

Please note, the brightness of your LED BAR USB also depends on your transformer, use at least a 1A transformer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Love it!

Simple and inexpensive solution for lighting my P1S from the top down

Stanley VanDruff
No Way These are 600 Lumens

I bought two of these to use in a Hotbox Mega. I plugged them into a 60W USB charger and they put out a weak greenish light that is just pitiful, like old fluorescents tubes in an abandoned building. 600 lumens is the brightness of a 60W incandescent bulb. These put out no more light than a 7W night light bulb, and I'll be asking for a refund.

If you just want a little night light, I guess these are okay, but if you want to to see what is going on with your printer, look elsewhere.

Hi Stanley,
We are sorry to hear you are having an issue! As mentioned in the product description, the brightness of your LED BAR USB also depends on your transformer, use at least a 1A transformer. If you are still having an issue after checking that, please reach out at and we can get those replaced or refunded for you.

Great enclosure! Great versatility!

8/3/2023 Update: I received my Prusa MMU3 and set it up inside the hotbox. It's a little tight but it all works! My main complaint is that I wish there was a bigger velcro door on top to be able to access the MMU. The 2 little doors only allow for peeking at half of the top of the MMU. Maybe WhamBham can implement this feature in the future.

I was looking for a "bug out" enclosure so I could quickly and without hassle, grab the printer and enclosure and go. This met those needs perfectly. It folds up pretty flat and isn't heavy. Unplug a few cables from the printer, pull the printer and phone out, unzip the whambam and pack it up! The WhamBam hotbox was the only real option that I found that met this criteria. It holds heat well. Printing ASA, I've measured the enclosure getting up to a max of 43c. It seems to have ports/cutouts everywhere you could possibly need them. My only complaint is I wish the thermostat was on the front instead of the top but I have one inside anyway so I can view via octoprint. I plan on adding an MMU to this setup so we'll see how it fits and functions.

Robert Weaver
Led light bar

It's a great light works well

Maybe a small tweak..

I use the light bar in the Wham Bam Hotbox.
Since I use it this way, the straps hold it well, I do wish that it had a groove in the back for the strap to sit in. It is bright enough to only use 1 in the Hot Box.