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the MUTANT V2 Fixed Plate

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The MUTANT® Fixed Plate

The MUTANT® Fixed Plate attaches directly to your printer (Mobile Plate not included).

Attention: Please do not mount this yourself if you don’t already have knowledge and proficiency in working with electrical components. The electrical work is pretty easy, simply inserting wires into connectors, no soldering, no firmware adjustments. If in doubt, please bring it to a certified electrician. Wham Bam Systems is not responsible for any damage this may cause to your machine or equipment, so please use caution when installing and testing.

Note: It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any taxes and import duties. No refunds of uncollected customs packages.

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To mount the MUTANT® to your machine you will need either of these:

  • - Download and print one of the many interface plates available and use our included heat press inserts to create the 4 threaded mounts for the MUTANT® Fixed Plate. We currently have plates to fit nearly every Creality and Clone machine, BLV Ender 3, Geeetech A10 and A30 series, Open Builds 3 and 4 wheel V slots, and Prusa i3 style machines. More coming soon!
  • - Create your own interface plate, use our template (pdf) or 3D files and design the hole positions needed to mount it to your machine, use our included heat press inserts to create the 4 threaded mounts for the MUTANT® Fixed Plate.
  • - Purchase one of our two types of Universal X Gantry Plate Kits. We offer one for Standard V Slot 3 bearing wheel carriages and one for Linear Rail Carriages.
  • For all downloads and installation information, visit the MUTANT® support page.

    STL Downloads:

    More STLs on the MUTANT® Support page here.

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