How to Install the Wham Bam HotBox

The setup and installation of the new Wham Bam HotBox is quick and easy, unfold the sides and position the top and front into place. Then, zip each side closed, and that's it your 3d printer enclosure is built! Watch this video to see an example of install on a Creality Ender 3.

HotBox YouTube Playlist

Resin HotBox Instructions


  1. Add an extender to the spool mount:  This lifts spool holders (Creality Ender 3 Style) so the spool can pass over the Wham Bam HotBox. Print at any height just by changing the Z scale in the slicer. Measure to estimate how much clearance is needed for the spool holder and adjust the Z scale in yours slicer. You will need some M5 screws to compensate for the added extender and depending on the height you printed the extender you will need to add that to the original length of the M5 screw which is 8mm. 
  2. Mount your spool to the inside of the HotBox on the lower portion of the printer frame.
  3. Print a mobile spool holder like this and sit it on top of the HotBox: