Resin HotBox Instructions


  1. Add an extender to the spool mount:  This lifts spool holders (Creality Ender 3 Style) so the spool can pass over the Wham Bam HotBox. Print at any height just by changing the Z scale in the slicer. Measure to estimate how much clearance is needed for the spool holder and adjust the Z scale in yours slicer. You will need some M5 screws to compensate for the added extender and depending on the height you printed the extender you will need to add that to the original length of the M5 screw which is 8mm. 
  2. Mount your spool to the inside of the HotBox on the lower portion of the printer frame.
  3. Print a mobile spool holder like this and sit it on top of the HotBox:

Assembling the HOTBOX is incredibly simple and straightforward. Please refer to the video linked below for instructions on how to set it up.

 Or Putting together the HOTBOX is like making instant noodles—so easy even your pet goldfish could do it! 

Check out the video here of  the HOTBOX assembly.

55 m give or take . You also maybe interested in our fume extractor STL here.

If you are using a heated or room temperature space, the heat from the UV lamp and internal electronics is usually enough to get it to temperatures needed to print exotic resins that require 25-30°C  temperatures or help print regular resins in colder rooms.

Also note that the catalytic reaction of curing resin during the build gives off heat as well.

We found that when using the Resin HotBox in a room of around 75°F / 24°C we were able to get the internal ambient to a constant 30°C  just running the printer.

1.  You can heat up your resin bottle using a pot of water, place the resin bottle in that pot and heat on the stove until the resin has come to the right temperature.  You probably shouldn’t use that pot for food after.

2.  You can use a heating belt around the vat, like a beer belt or heated belts made for printers a few choices below:

3.  You can also use a reptile heater mat plus a thermostat:

4.  Or you can buy a small heater and thermostat controller and place inside of HotBox not facing front window,  or outside with a tube leading heat inward.

Here is one solution to mount above heater.

Or, You can build a PTC heater following these plans.