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Replacing your PEX Build Surface

I give 5 stars for the surface, and 3 stars for the process. The process of replacing your build surface is not for those in a rush. It took me several hours, and will likely take you that long too.

First, the reason that I needed to replace the build surface was when I printed PETG and PETG-FG on my original PEX build plate. There were two issues that occurred. First I had a strain gauge failure that caused my hot end to drive into the plate. This left a divot in the PEX because at the time, the temp of the H/E was above 250°C. The second issue was when I printed PETG-CF. It adhered too well to the PEX and removed small areas from the surface.

I watched the video online and chose to use Goo Gone rather than acetone to assist in removal of the PEX surface. First, I put the plate in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. Even so, it was difficult to get underneath the film, but once I did, I was able to get a (new, flexible) drywall taping knife under the edge. With the plate still cold, I was able to wrestle the film off after about 10 minutes.

What was left on the plate was a thick layer of 3M adhesive that took several hours to remove. I soaked the surface in Goo Gone and let it sit for 30-45 minutes. This swelled the adhesive, and I was able to scrape it off using various putty & drywall knives. It took 6-8 iterations of this to completely remove the adhesive. In the process, I ended up scratching spring steel in numerous places. It does not look as good as before but has not affected the functionality. I recommend using a brayer when placing the new surface, to eliminate bubbles. I didn't have one, but it looks Ok. Before using, it placed it on the bed at 50°C for 30 min, then 80°, followed by 100° for the same amount of time, before printing.

To prevent future failures when printing PETG (or PCTG), I now use Layerneer Bed Weld when printing these filaments. I have successfully used it on PEX, but more commonly flip the plate and print directly on the steel side.

If others have replaced this film with less hassle, I'd like to hear details. While going through this process, I thought it would be easier to just buy another spring steel plate and use the build surfaces that I got on sale.


I love the plate itself, my only problem was ( I knew about) to print myself the z support. I pissed my printer and that's why I ordered wham bam. Luckily I could print the support last afford.

Get these if your printer keeps throwing errors

If you're still using the original stickers that first came out with the Bambu build plate, and are getting errors from your printer telling you the build plate doesn't match what's in the slicer, get these stickers! Bambu changed the firmware so it doesn't recognize the original sticker, but these work like a charm, and they're worth the meager cost!

Abolutely MUST have for Ultimaker S5!

This is pure magic! All of my frustrations with build plates are now resolved. I can't believe how simple and time-saving this plate is. No prep or cleanup is involved ever again! Stuff just pops off- no residue - no fuss no muss!

Bought the two pack now I won't look back.

Is it a little overkill, maybe, do I enjoy printing constantly, yes. Does my wallet? No. But hey, all joking aside the xtr series of plates are tought to beat. Been using mine for a while, and although they don't tell you this right away, you will most likely need a spacer for your z-axis rail. I got lucky and could 3d print a 1.8mm spacer on my printer, but your milage may vary slightly.

Good additon to my Rat Rig

I have been using a glass plate on my Rat Rog 500. I decided to try the PEX system and see how it worked. The magnetic plate went on easily and the PEX build plate works great. I have only used it on PLA so far, changed the bed temp to 70 and it sticks, when cold the prints pop off.
It was a little pricey. but is worth it. Now I need the same setup for my 400 Rat Rig

I screwed it up, but....

So I wasn't careful enough and my magnet is slightly off of perfect. Still works great, and now I don't chisel prints off my build plate, and I haven't had any that have been ruined because of that. Awesome, thank you!

Tres bonne accroche mais tres fragile

C'est un bon produit qui accroche vraiment bien même les petites surfaces avec un rendu de première couche très lisse comme si elle était vernis.
Cependant la surface est très fragile et se raye facilement, un leger frottement suffit et se qui se retranscrit sur la première couche du print.
Sinon c'est un très bon produit que je conseille.

Slap Mat
Robert Dicken
Great Product

Nothing about Resin printing clean up is fun. However with these mats (I got small and large) it makes it much more pleasant.

Slap Mat
Marcelo Mensa
Great addition to resin work area

Mats stay in place and can easily be cleaned when resin or any cleaners end up on it. Mats also being thin are low profile and don’t come into contact with other items unlike trays.

Better than Bambu labs build plate

From day one till now I haven’t had any issues with prints not sticking to the plate. And wow! It’s simple to detach prints once they’ve completed. Two thumbs up!!!

Always a life saver

Every time that I have chronic bed adhesion issues on a machine, this is the guaranteed solution.

Top matching magnetic base for my CR-10

The first base i got, had a problem with the glue if i pulled up the paper at the back, but the second on i got as replacement matches perfectly and also the glue stay on the back as it should be. The manetic force is really strong, so nothing moves also with really big parts an high accelerations. Thanlks a lot also for the perfect WHAM BAM support.

225 x 129 - XTR - Elegoo Saturn 2 8K, Saturn 8K, Saturn 3, and Saturn 3 Ultra

Hot Box Is a Hot Item

The Hot Box works great on my resin printer in my basement. It allows the printer to operate at about 24C.

Works great for a smooth finish. Just be careful with PetG and find the prep instructions for initial use. Had to get a replacement because the initial prep wasn’t found and had a problem with too much adhesion which damaged the surface. Not their fault, this was a user error.

258 x 258 Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface (Bambu Lab)

Plate ruined, No Response from Support

Got this new plate and followed all supplied instructions using a stock X1C. On the first print the nozzle troe right through the surface and ruined the plate. Reached out to support and they did not respond. Will never do business with this company again.

Hi Patrick,
We are very sorry to hear you had this issue. It looks like your orginal request had a typo in the reply email so our reply went to an incorrect email. Our technical support team just followed up from email to assist you!

140 x 84 - Elegoo Mars 2/Pro, Mars 4 DLP, Nova3D Bene 4, and Elfin 2 Mono SE

Set of 5 AruCo Textured PEI Plate Stickers - Bambu Lab Powder Painted Replacement

Great Plate

This plate has been used for a hundred hours of prints. It is holding up very well. Even with using adhesive promoter am able to get parts off with ease. ABS has been leaving marks but do not affect adhesion. Would reccommend.

Love this system

Wham Bam Pex Plate Review

I thoroughly enjoy my new plate for my Bambu Lab printers. I bought two and I'm about to buy a 3rd. My customers seem to love the glossy look it gives lightboxes/lamps and so I! I put in my order and had no issues when I received mine. I hoped it would be a tad cheaper compared to other plates of that type in the ($40-50) range after tax but you'll definitely make your money back on it. If it was in that price range, I would've gave it 5/5 stars. But other than the price, it's absolutely phenomenal.