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Powder Painted PEI Flexi Plate - 254 x 203 - MakerGear M2 & M3

They Work great!!!

Overall good

The kit was easy to install, and the instructions were good. I'm taking off a star because all the videos on the site for help only show Elgoo printers. The spacer for the Anycubic M5s is a sock-looking thing that fits over the end of the z-axis arm. Even linking the photo from the Cults 3D page for it's stl would have helped.

That being said, I am VERY happy with my flexiplate. I can just twist and pop! goes my print. (It is, just as sharp as the build plate though. The upside, its thinner so it's more a paper cut than missing a chunk out of your finger when you run your hand into the plate)


Life is so much easier and I continue to enjoy 3D printing. This is my second resin flex plate, first was for mt Jupiter, and I ordered two of each to make life so much better.

Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEI Build Surface - 254 x 254 - VORON Design 2.4 250 and Tronxy XY-2 Pro

Great Build Plate. I got this plate to use in my Qidi I-Fast. It's a few mm bigger than the standard Qidi Plate, but it fits perfectly. If you are looking for a Qidi alternative this is the one to get.

Mega Slap Mat
josh sanders
Extremely durable and quite large

Slap mat is more than big enough to act as a landing area for my Mars 4 ultra. Resin wipes away clean and mats are extremely durable (we are a bit messy) thanks wham bam

MUTANT Workstation

I received the mutant 2 to put on my Ender 2 pro and I had to do one little modification on the fan assembly to get it to accommodate the MOBILE build station f, but it turned out great and I am currently using it and I love the quick disconnect Makes it so much easier to change out your accessories anywhere from the nozzle assemblies to lasers, etc. anything that she would normally have to disassemble the whole machine to install a new mutant this is not necessary. It is a quick flip slides right off to install your new assembly so I recommend this for people that do a lot of different stuff on printers and different assemblies and set up song so check it out , definitely worth looking at

Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface - 184 x 184 - Bambu Lab A1 mini

Must have for FDM printing.

These mats are great. Large and great for resin or any messy project

Best build surface for the Bambu Lab X1C wasted my money on others.

XTR Powder Painted PEI Flexi Plate - 355 x 355 - VORON Design 350 V2 & Sovol SV08

fantastic product !

Printing without these flex plates can be a nightmare! These a re a solution to a real problem and facilitate production substantialy!

Excellent product, I would strongly recommend it if you print a lot of PLA.

They're the best build plates made, no argument.

If you do your part, set the correct height and follow WhamBam's directions. It will always stick and always release. What more can you ask for?

Lasted 3 months.

This I my second Flex plate that I've bought, as my first one is still going strong, but this one I pick up 3 months ago has starting to come off the plate, which is upsetting as I went with "name brand" this time, which was pricier.


Can’t find the model to print the home sensor piece for qidi tech s-box

Hi Ben, thank you for your purchase and review. We are sorry to hear you had trouble finding that info on our website! You can find all the install and support info for your Qidi S Box FBSR here:
You can find the direct link to the spacer file here:
Plus, if you have any questions or issues you can reach out to our awesome techincal support team at

Mega Slap Mat
Mega Slap Mat

Awesome mat for anything from tinkering with printer parts to cleaning/painting printed models. I'm glad I picked up the mega version - more real estate to do things.

Brilliant Build Plate. Delivered in a timely manner and well packaged it's so good that I've purchased 4 for my 3d printing fleet. Go on, treat yourself, you won't regret it

Bought one, loved it should much I got mynother 2 printers their own! Was abit sketched about scuffing up such a nice shiny surface, like instructions day to do but once I did, thing got even better!
Only minor issue I came across Was the instructions said it didn't matter on orientation for the plate identifier sticker. It did make a difference on my bambu x1-Cs. Had to orient then like onnthe stick pei plates and have had no issues since!

PEX Build Surface - 377 x 370
Alexander MacKinnon
Works Great - Shiny Finish

So far I've printed PETG, TPU and PLA with the PEX build surface. It works great and leaves a nice shiny bottom surface.

Smooth Greatness

I never thought I could fall in love with a smooth printing plate, but wham Bam has made such a great plate. I don’t use anything else anymore. All of my prints come out buttery smooth on the bottom and I’ve had zero adhesion issues as long as you follow the directions about keeping the plate clean, no glue or hairspray needed for your prints to stick

Great adhesion

Works great. Picked one up for the A1 Mini due to how well the one in my X1C works. Just don’t print PETG on it without a barrier.

Seems to be a great product

Thankfully, I haven’t needed to test these out yet, but they installed nice and easy, look pretty good, and help me sleep better at night during long prints.

Great Build Plate if you're having trouble making your projects to stick. Just be aware of the glossy finish it makes. Having said that, I have 3 of them, so if you're looking for the ultimate sticky build surface this is the one for you.