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258 x 258 Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface (Bambu Lab)

Need Laser engraved plates

At this price point, laser engraved plates are a must. Other than that, it is working fine for me.

Best you can get

I have 2, one on each of my X1C's. I have a P1P that doesn't get used much only because I need to get another WB for it. This is by far the best build surface I've used. Everything sticks, perfect first layers all the time, and I can get through 4 day prints without ever having to worry about any part of the print coming loose. I print all PLA at 62C on these and never have any issues.

I love Wham Bam

This is for my second printer but I have used it on my previous one as well. I bought the single Wham because I already had a double Wham for my previous printer. That way, I can still start printing right away after removing prints from one of the plates. I followed the instructions to a T and haven’t had any issues. I really appreciate how much easier this makes my workflow for my printers.

Love it

I love this printing platform. Easy to install. No problem with prints sticking, and they stay stuck. Prints are easily removed with a slight bend of the plate. Easy to keep clean. All around great product.

It's good

It's good, really helped me print ABS and ASA. The panels feel high quality and the included temperature sensor is a nice touch.

My one criticism is the zips don't feel massively sturdy, so I would avoid it if you going to be taking this apart and putting it back together a lot. I can't see any complaints online, so maybe it's not an issue.

Something to look into for a V2 WhamBam.

I wasn’t stuck on the plates at first

This is my first set of WhamBam plates. I’ve used many aftermarket, flexible building plates for my other printers, but none of them are like the wham Bam. I had issues at first, and I was disappointed until I realized that most of the issues were caused by me not knowing the product. As soon as I realized that I was making the mistakes and learned the correct way to use the plates. I was totally stuck on them.
I have used them quite a bit in the last 30 days and no matter what I’ve tried everything sticks to them. They’re fantastic.


Amazing! I’ve always used glass plates, I didn’t know what I was missing!

So nice they added this and reasonably priced. Thank You

As usual Wham Bam never fails even with the little things

Best enclosure for the price!

I've wanted an XL resin enclosure for a while now, but all the plexiglass ones or others were hundreds of dollars. I finally came across this hot box XL and it fits my Photon Mono X 5k perfectly! Included vent hole and STL file for a fan lets me vent the fumes. I couldn't be happier, definitely worth it.


Wheni bought this flex plate it was for my very first 3d printer. Thus far, im loving it, the builds come of the plate so easy, not sure how others that have never used the flex plate have gotten by after so long of scraping.

XTR Powder Painted PEI Flexi Plate
The XTR plate for the Bambu X1C is awesome!

The XTR plate has quickly become my go to plate for the X1C when I have large prints. The thick plate helps cut down on bed adhesion problems for large surface area prints. I love the XTR. Wham Bam customer service is awesome to work with too! I had an issue with the wrong stickers sent and they quickly resolved the issue.

Great little plate

It has certainly made printing easier and and less tedious. So simple to just take the plate and whole print off and wash both at same time.

XTR Powder Painted PEI Flexi Plate
Orion Belt Crafts
Amazing plate. Even better prints!

Like the title says! Amazing plate! Just make sure the filaments are calibrated!

Mega Slap Mat
Jeff Perry
Love my Mega Slap Mat

This thing is awesome. I use it for projects from arts n crafts, modeling, mechanical, computers n printers or anything else I want to keep organized and protected from harder surfaces, or when I have a surface to protect from paint and chemicals or heat, scratches, etc!

258 x 258 Flexi Plate with Pre-Installed PEX Build Surface (Bambu Lab)

Mounted inside my Bambu X1C with no issues

Mounted mine inside the Bambu X1C by extending the chassis height. Out of the way and well placed to catch any flames that might break out.

Works well, pricey, but I got what I wanted

First, please install a spacer, even if the machine can take the difference. Better to be safe than sorry, my machine nearly broke, the tension and pressure when going down seems to have caught the limit switch stick for detection and bent it, completely destroying my limit switch, I printed a spacer for the Jupiter and was really easy to install, Elegoo sent me replacement parts, all worked out!

Kit looks fine

Haven't installed the XTR. It looks like it would fit perfectly. I probably won't use it as the eMake Galaxy 1 I received was damaged.

Absolutely fantastic

A fantastic fit on my M5s. I was having trouble removing prints from the print bed it would take ages slowly chipping away at the print, but now one flex of the wham bam sheet and the prints are off.

Fantastic build plate for X1C Carbon

I started with 1 and now have a total of 5 for the 5 printers. So far everything sticks well on the first layer as well as releases once the plate is cool. The surface finish is very smooth. I did use the Steel Wool on them new in order to slightly scuff the surface then clean periodically with IPA. Very happy customer.

Love wham bam build plates

I've got them on 3 of my 4 resin printers. I don't even take the plate off. I love them because prints stick better and come off better. My printers also stay level better because it takes less pressure to remove prints.