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Mini Slap (4 Pack)

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The Mini Slap® is a convenient way to add quick protection to your surfaces where and when you need it the most! Made of pure 100% first-grade silicone, the Mini Slap® will not be harmed by resins, most chemicals, your hot nozzle, or melted solder! Each Mini Slap® measures 92mm round and each 4-pack includes two "thank you ma'am" and two "thank you man" versions!

Just some of the Mini Slap® uses:

  • - Resin bottle holder
  • - Soldering iron mat
  • - Screw, nut, and all things rolly holder
  • - Rest a hot nozzle on it while working on your printer
  • - Cup coaster

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    We utilize thicker 100% high-quality first-grade silicon, as opposed to the lower-grade alternatives commonly found in online discount stores. This choice results in a mat with a more robust surface, facilitating easy removal of resins and other materials. It also makes transporting the mat easier as it’s stiffer. Additionally, our mats boast enhanced durability and prolonged resistance to heat and various chemicals compared to standard silicon mats found elsewhere. As a result, our mats stand out as among the strongest, if not the strongest, available on the market.

    Size: 92Ø mm

    Thickness: 2 mm center and 4 mm for lip

    Slap Mat Family

    Clean up:

    1. Put on the proper safety equipment for resin like gloves and mask.
    2. Then carefully take the mat with two hands and transport it outside in the sunlight.
    3. Wait for the resin to harden.
    4. Then simply flex it off.
    5. Wipe any leftover resin off with IPA and a paper towel.

    Glues and other epoxies should just flex off when dry or you can just wipe them off with IPA.

    STL Downloads

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    richard wheet
    Never received

    Never received a response from my contact form about not receiving item… at least, they are consistent…

    Thomas Edwards
    Love these

    I love these little mats. I have two sets. I have one next to each of my machines so that any screws I remove, or tools I am using, have an obvious place to go. Will probably gift these to friends who 3D print. Quite handy.