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Nozzle Maintenance Kit

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Nozzle Maintenance Kit

If you have an FDM printer, cleaning your nozzle as part of regular printer maintenance is the best way to avoid clogs ranging from minor inconvenience to a full hot-end engulfing blob. Whether you are looking to maintain your nozzle or you need to clear an existing clog, the Nozzle Maintenance Kit has everything you need.

What's Included in the KIT

  • - Ø3.80 Nozzle Cleaner
  • - Ø1.75 Nozzle Cleaner
  • - Set of five 0.4 Nozzle Cleaning Needles
  • - 2 Meters of Cleaning Filament
  • - Pneumatic Depressor
  • - Mini Slap
  • - Set of 3 Nozzle Wrenches: 10mm, 7mm, and 6mm
  • - Tool Organizing Magnet
  • Instructional Video:

    Nozzle Maintenance Kit Support

    Nozzle Maintenance Kit Support Page

    Free STL File for Tool Holder

    Download STL File for Tool Holder


    Nozzle Maintenance Instructions

    How to Video

    - 0:00 Introduction
    - 0:33 First Technique with Nozzle Needles
    - 1:32 Clearing jams with Nozzle Cleaners 3.8 and 1.7
    - 1:54 Pneumatic Depressor to remove Bowden Tube
    - 4:07 Cleaning Filament
    - 5:04 Trim PTFE
    - 5:50 Remove Hot-End from the printer for deeper cleaning
    - 5:54 Cleaning a Bambu Lab Hot-End
    - 7:30 Cleaning a direct drive Hot-End
    - 10:23 Cleaning Hot-Ends on a bench
    - 11:39 Heating and cleaning out the Hot-End
    - 14:00 Correct Re-Assembly of a Hot-End, Nozzle, Heat Throat

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    Must have for FDM printing.

    Ron Brown
    Definitely worth every penny.

    I have owned , purchased, obtained plenty of 3d printing tools, usually the kits come with one tool that almost all the focus is on, and then throws in some cheap add-ons to make it a kit. This means that i end up with many different kit from a bunch of differing sources, just to make up one decent kit. The wham Bam maintenance kit has everything you need to take apart, clean, and maintain your 3d printer without having to search for that ONE TOOL to rule them all. Very well thought out and practical and i put it use within hours of receiving it, glad i bought 2 sets.

    Ty Alston
    Excellent tool

    This set of tools was immediately useful. I have issues with my hands that affects my dexterity and the kit makes it easier to handle troubleshooting and maintenance on my printer.

    Works GREAT!!!

    Very convenient and affordable!

    Ryan Burke
    Perfect fit.

    When it comes to nozzle replacement Its always at the last min and I have to scramble to find the tools I need to replace the nozzle. This kit is put together very well and as long as I keep them together I can find all the tools I need at one time. It needs a case. I'll have to design one for them to go in.