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P1P HotBox - 3D Printer Enclosure

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This HotBox enclosure is crafted to fit your Bambu Lab P1P seamlessly. If you want to print ABS, Nylon, PC, and other high-temperature filaments, an enclosure is one of the best upgrades for your machine. The P1P HotBox is your solution for stable interior temperature, fume and odor control, reduced printer noise (20%), and convenient access to your Bambu Lab P1P and tools. Check out our YouTube P1P HotBox Overview or read on to learn how the P1P HotBox accomplishes these 4 main properties:

1) Stable, Thermally Insulated, Interior Temperature

The HotBox is made of a sandwich of 3 materials selected to create structure and excellent insulating properties. The result is a lightweight semi-rigid construction, so structural that you can place a few spool holders or even the AMS on top of the unit. The exterior is made of a flame retardant, ballistic Nylon 600D, the center is a structural honeycomb polymer panel selected for its insulation properties, and the interior is a metal lining that reflects and maintains optimal temperatures (between 35-60°C) for the duration of the print. 

2) Fume and Odor Control

Our entire HotBox line comes with an optional vent port where you can mount a fan to either filter or pipe the fumes out a window. An easy-to-make fume extractor, 3D models, parts lists, and instructions can be found on Cults here. A Video Short showing the build is here.

3) Reduce Machine Noise

The HotBox was able to get a nearly 20% reduction of noise in comparison to the bare P1P,  the P1P with Bambu plastic panels, and even the X1 with its metal enclosure.

4) Easy Access 

Unlike other solutions, the P1P HotBox allows you to access either side of your Bambu Lab printer easily by just unzipping the side and swinging it open. The front door allows full access to the build plate and interior. And the whole unit is removable in less than 10 seconds should you need to work on your printer.

Other great features:

- A built-in thermometer (two LR44 batteries not included) to easily view the internal temperature. 

- The front panel has a large clear window for maximum visibility which is a fully openable door that remains fixed to the side when you need front access. No more glass breakages, no more obstructions! 

- The right side panel touts tool pouches and elastic straps to keep your most needed tools at arm's reach.

- The rear has openings for venting, the poop chute, the power chord, and the switch. 

- A removable patch should you ever mount a rear panel with an extra CPU fan.

- A line of printable accessories is available on cults. A custom poop bucket for use with the P1P HotBox and an AMS buffer mount that allows you to use an upgraded buffer with the P1P HotBox.

 View the entire HotBox line and accessories

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
P1P, Cold be better for the P1S

While this is for the P1P, they said it would "work" for the P1S. And while it does, I whish there were some considerations for a P1P or P1S with an enclosure and a door. Maybe even matching notches on the top that mirror the top for a cabinet like in my pic. I do like it, but whish it were a little better to accommodate both the P1P and P1S.

Julian Lahdelma
Works as it should but still could use some better quality control

My unit came with damage when it was delivered and took a little longer than expected to get delivered. The zipper and fabric at the top of the enclosure was not correctly and so with repeated use of that zipper it will likely tear all the way in the future. I do like the design of the front door and the side opening on the unit. All of the openings still align where they should.

Raymond Tice
Wham Bam Hot Box review

I have purchased 3 Wham Bam hot boxes for my Prusa printers. The first one which I have had for approximately 2 years, has started to come apart near the front left corner. It also had some kind of glue splatters on the viewing window right out of the box. It took several days of cleaning/scrubbing with Goo-Gone to remove most of it.

One unit has a black Velcro patch in the front, top underside, (for your fire suppression device) where on the other two units, this patch is missing. It would have been nice to have it on the other 2.

I do see some minor inconsistencies like the location of the LED light elastic bands on the inside front panel from unit to unit.

Despite the items listed above, they do function as advertised. This is my totally honest review of your product.

Would I buy another unit? Yes I would. They are the best unit in its class.

Craig Tomczak
Pretty good!

I have done a couple of Asa prints so far and this hot box made printing Asa so much easier. Chamber temp got up to 40 degrees C. The ease of removal is also something that I think is a plus. Only thing I don’t like is the top piece the supports the ams doesn’t seem to extend to the edges of the printer so one edges hangs a little lower than the other.

Joseph Morris
It's good

It's good, really helped me print ABS and ASA. The panels feel high quality and the included temperature sensor is a nice touch.

My one criticism is the zips don't feel massively sturdy, so I would avoid it if you going to be taking this apart and putting it back together a lot. I can't see any complaints online, so maybe it's not an issue.

Something to look into for a V2 WhamBam.