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PEX Build Surface - 365 x 365

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Size 365mm x 365mm

Fits: Prusa XL

We have developed the Wham Bam PEX Build Surface from a specially formulated polymer with a higher melt point than PEI that attracts most any filament without damaging the sheet. Prints easily pop off once cooled and flexed. Our PEX build surface is 0.35mm thick and pre-backed with 3M adhesive so it takes seconds to install.

View the full chart of filament settings on PEX

*Please confirm bed size on your actual machine prior to ordering. Wham Bam is not responsible for mistaken sizes ordered

*It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any taxes and import duties. No refunds of uncollected customs packages.

Customer Reviews

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Jan Poepke
Perfect as long as you do not need a new Build surface

I am using WhamBam wherever possible on my 3D printers (Bambu X1C, A1 mini) and now also on the Prusa XL. Quality is awesome as usual and it works like charm. However, I accidently damaged the surface and needed a new one. This was nightmare style procedures to get the old surface removed (well...not the surface, but the glue). However, WhamBam support was very helpful in this action and gave me several proposal of which one of them was working at the end. I would definately buy one again!!