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Slap Mat

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The Slap Mat® is made of pure 100% first-grade silicone and will not be harmed by printer resins, most chemicals, or most glues! Stop working with resin on cardboard and paper towels, throwing away a toxic gooey mess after every clean-up or resin transfer. Use to protect your work surface, spill and splash all you like and when you are done, take it outside. The resin will harden, and with a simple flex, it pops right off to be safely and easily disposed of. Use under each of your printers as a catch-all.

Slap Mat® is also great as a general craft mat, protecting your work surface from gluing, body putty, or painting even resisting melted solder and the tip of most soldering irons for up to 3 minutes, so use them under electronics.

Single or 3 Pack available.

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We utilize thicker 100% high-quality first-grade silicon, as opposed to the lower-grade alternatives commonly found in online discount stores. This choice results in a mat with a more robust surface, facilitating easy removal of resins and other materials. It also makes transporting the mat easier as it’s stiffer. Additionally, our mats boast enhanced durability and prolonged resistance to heat and various chemicals compared to standard silicon mats found elsewhere. As a result, our mats stand out as among the strongest, if not the strongest, available on the market.

Size: 240 mm x 500 mm (9.5 in x 19.7 in)

Thickness: 2 mm center and 4 mm for lip

Slap Mat Family

Clean up:

  1. Put on the proper safety equipment for resin like gloves and mask.
  2. Then carefully take the mat with 2 hands and transport it outside in the sunlight.
  3. Wait for the resin to harden.
  4. Then simply flex it off.
  5. Wipe any leftover resin off with IPA and a paper towel.

Glues and other epoxies should just flex off when dry or you can just wipe them off with IPA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Juan A Maldonado
Super excited about the slap mat

Great quality and great price

Robert Dicken
Great Product

Nothing about Resin printing clean up is fun. However with these mats (I got small and large) it makes it much more pleasant.

Marcelo Mensa
Great addition to resin work area

Mats stay in place and can easily be cleaned when resin or any cleaners end up on it. Mats also being thin are low profile and don’t come into contact with other items unlike trays.

keith hill
found cheeper

Silicone Pet Feeding Mat Waterproof Bowl Mat for Dog and Cat, 47 x 30 cm is so cheep on amazon,£7.99 and can do the job of that 20 dollar mat

stuart cook
Slap mats

Awesome product can’t fault it