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Since you are adding about 2.6 mm on our original kits (or 3.8 mm on our XTR kits) to the bottom of your build plate you may need to adjust your Z stop. Some build plates have enough play in the leveling screws to absorb this, but on some, you may need to physically move your Z Stop Sensor or tripper plate to account for this extra distance, each machine is different. Be sure after installing a new Z stop sensor extension to re-level your build plate! Please note, when installing a Z stop sensor extension you may also need two longer M3 x 8 screws since they may not be long enough to add the spacer.

Below you will find a list of printable Z stop sensor extensions and a list of confirmed machines that only need a re-level your build plate.

Z Limit Adjustment - Detailed Explanation

A deep dive into adjusting the Z height on your resin printer when
installing our FBSR or XTR. We cover the what, when, where, why, &
how to adjust your Z limit switch & what to do if you skipped this
step already!

FBSR installation overview

Here is a complete step-by-step installation for resin printers.

0:00​​ - Introduction

0:21​ - Modifying Z Limit Height

03:53​ Preparing Your Build Plate to Install Magnet

11:58​ Installing Magnet

15:46​ Leveling your Build Plate

24:29​ Printing Solutions

29:44​ Magnetic Forces and Part Orientation

32:27​ Cleaning Your Build Plate 

Installation Guides