MUTANT Product Support

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The MUTANT is a manual quick-changing tool system for 3D printers that can be added to most 3D Printers that have a X Gantry Plate that is accessible. The MUTANT handles the mechanical and electrical connections between the 3D printer and the hotend or tool.  This means that a hotend or other tool can be quickly swapped without having to reconnect electrical and mechanical connections. 

The whole unit weighs: 107g combined and adds 12mm to the Y distance.

The exact dimensions are 81.5mm wide x 73.5mm tall not including the lever arm extension, and 41mm deep, the top portion extends over the X gantry by 29mm. Cad files available above in MUTANT support page.

To mount the MUTANT to most printers, you can use one of our Universal X Gantry Plates to mount to your machine, print one of the available interface plate to mount to your current X Gantry plate, or develop your own. The MUTANT was designed to be able to mount to the largest variety of 3D printers, and we have a whole community constantly designing new mounts for new printers, for any new machine requests send to technical support at

We are currently working on a solution, anyone that has a ribbon cable machine with main harness going to the hot end who would like to help us to resolve and/or beta test, please write to us

We have designed 2 Universal X Gantry Kits, one for typical 3 wheel roller bearing setups on a 2020 extrusion, and one for Linear rails mounted top or bottom. The timing belts fall into the most universal positions for most machines. In order to confirm, please refer to the machine fit list to see how others have mounted to your specific machine. 

If you mount to one of our Universal X Gantries you would add 12mms to the Y 

Axis and if you use an interface plate between your X Gantry and the Fixed Plate you will add an additional 5mms. However, in most cases you can also eliminate any loss of build volume by adjusting offsets in gcode, by moving your Y limit switch, or sometimes your Y axis extrusion to accommodate. There are a few guides out there such as:

There are 2 power connections rated at 10A each and there are 18 signal connections rated at 3A each.

The main body parts are made from injection-molded, glass-filled Nylon which is great for the durability of movement and insulation plus heat and static resistance. 

The MUTANT can operate at temperatures up to 120°C  limited only by the PCBs, this should be well over the operating temperatures of almost any machine in any enclosure. (Please note that stepper motors and electronics should not be in an ambient over 60°C.)

The MUTANT is rated to over 10,000 cycles. We use true POGO pins to create a guaranteed robust connection that lasts for over ten thousand cycles. 

Yes, you can! Our Stepper Cable Kit will allow you to add a direct drive to a Bowden machine and allows you to switch back and forth anytime.Find the Stepper Cable Kit here.

As long as you can find a way to mount the Fixed Plate to your X Gantry Plate, it is possible. You will need to verify the height difference with the overhang of the Fixed Plate limiting the position it will mount. You can also use our CAD drawings to better verify on your set up.