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Universal X Gantry Plate Linear Rail Kit

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Universal X Gantry Plate Linear Rail Kit

To mount the MUTANT® to your Machine, you can purchase one of our two types of Universal X Gantry Plate Kits. This kit is for linear rail carriages and it mounts in place of any X Gantry or X Carriage that would mount to MGN12H linear rail bearings and has screw locations for both top or front-mounted rails. Your belts can be mounted vertically or horizontally as there are pins for each setup. Has 4x M3 threaded holes to mount the MUTANT® Fixed Plate.

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Universal X Gantry Plate Linear Rail Kit includes:

  • - Universal X Plate Linear Bearing
  • - 4x M3x8 screws
  • - 1-meter Timing Belt LL-2GT
  • Alternatively, you can print an interface plate and use this mount to your current X gantry plate:

  • - Download and print one of the many interface plates available and use our included heat press inserts to create the 4 threaded mounts for the MUTANT® Fixed Plate. We currently have plates to fit nearly every Creality and Clone machine, BLV Ender 3, Geeetech A10 and A30 series, Open Builds 3 and 4 wheel V slots, and Prusa i3 style machines. More coming soon!
  • - Create your own interface plate, use our template (pdf) or 3D files and design the hole positions needed to mount it to your machine, use our included heat press inserts to create the 4 threaded mounts for the MUTANT® Fixed Plate.
  • STL Downloads:

    More STLs on the MUTANT® Support page here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Jesse Fuller
    Needs modification to fit Stealthburner Tap to Ender 3v2...but it works!

    I needed a solution to attach a stealthburner tap to my ender 3v2. The Wam Bam universal X Gantry plate worked great...after I chopped the top off to make room for the TAP sensor. Some quick dremel work and it fit nicely. I was happy to find thay it even had a built-in screw hole to install a screw to activate the axis limit switch. Made it a clean mod.

    Jay McDonald
    Great stuff

    Super easy way to support easy hotend swaps

    Works with btt hermit crab

    Great mount and as stated in title it works with the bigtreetech hermit crab but provides much more solid mount. I have my rail on top of the x axis gantry.

    Rochus Ellmann

    Hi Team,
    I tried to install wham Bam. Unfortunately it does not work with the transport system. It need to proceed some changes on it.
    As soon it is ready I‘m more than happy to feedback to you

    Moyosore Falaye
    Fills the missing piece for top mounted x-axis Linear Rails.

    This 3d print industry can be funny sometimes. Almost everyone is switching to linear rails, yet youd be suprised how hard it is to find metal mounting parts for your tool heads. This does the job, and does the job well. I would employ that wham bam continue to fill the void with commonsense practical solutions. If I were to make a suggestion. I think it would be fantastic, if u made mounts that targeted specific hotends too.

    I used this mount to build all metal tool head (hemera revo + ender 5 pro on a top mounted x-axis linear rail) so that i can print high temp materials.