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Kit - Elegoo Saturn 2 and Saturn 3 Series - 225 x 129

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fits: Elegoo Saturn 2 8K, Saturn 8K, Saturn 3, and Saturn 3 Ultra

Size: 225 x 129 mm

Continuous printing with a Double Wham, start another print before you start cleaning the first! The Double Wham contains:

  • 1  WB Magnetic Base with 3M adhesive resistant to harsh solvents and chemicals like resin, mean green, and isopropyl alcohol
  • 2  WB Flexi Build Plate (spring steel) with a custom etched texture on both sides
  • 1  Piece of Sandpaper

The Flexible Build System contains:

  • 1  WB Magnetic Base with 3M adhesive resistant to harsh solvents and chemicals like resin, mean green, and isopropyl alcohol
  • 1  WB Flexi Build Plate (spring steel) with a custom etched texture on both sides
  • 1  Piece of Sandpaper

For more information on this product, click here: Flexible Build System for Resin

*Attention: It is the buyer’s responsibility to be sure the size selected will work on your machine. Measure your bed, do not rely on build volume. Wham Bam is not responsible for mistaken order sizes

**It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any taxes and import duties. No refunds of uncollected customs packages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I just ordered the Saturn Telugu for ultra and I hope they make one of these plates for that machine because I will not build any resin models without using this device. It is the most ingenious and easiest way to remove your prints off of your Bill plate thank you wham Bam.

Unreliable at best

I bought 3 plates for my 3D printing business, I took them all off after two weeks. One of the plates wouldn’t allow me to level without printing a spacer which makes no sense because they’re all the same. Prints kept failing because the plate would pull up even after moving prints to the center, and slowing down lift speeds. They were awesome when they didn’t fail but overall just to unreliable. Not worth the head ache

Mark Hernandez
A game changer!

I knew this product would be useful but what I didn't expect is how well it would work right off the bat. It comes packaged with case and the quality is top notch. I was also surprised how HEAVY the magnet and plate are. This is very high quality material. The installation was smooth and I have no had a single adhesion issue to the build plate. Wham Bam does it again!

Gordon Hayes
Amazing product, even better support!

I purchased the 225 x 129 Double Wham for my Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra, and I could not be happier with the product.

Firstly, let me point out that I am physically handicapped and as a result, I was having issues with small prints being removed from the original build plate without breaking or gouging the plate. I attempted to use the spatula, razors and exacto blades for the removal and ended up with all kinds of issues including breaking prints.

I talked to several people about the issues and discovered that able bodied folks were having the same issues and that for small printers, Wham Bam was a name that kept popping up in the conversations as a resolve.

I searched out Wham Bam and looked over the products, touched base with the sales team to be 100% sure and clear on the shim for the printer and how that worked. Within an hour I had a reply with a link to a video on the subject and confirmation on the size I required for my printer.

I placed the order as a Black Friday deal and received two weeks later.

I followed the instructions for prepping the build plate, installed the magnet and let it sit for 72 hours to cure. From there I started test printing.

From those test prints, I was having some issues with the settings of my printer, I talked to the tech support folks, knowing and stating this was not an issue that had anything to do with the Wham Bam product, and they assisted me in resolving the problems anyway, including running the issue all the way to Mr. Solomon, the founder of Wham Bam who directly assisted in pointing me on a path of resolution.

With the printer dialed in, I started printing like a mad man trying to get caught up on printing everything from D&D minis to Christmas gifts.

The small prints that I had issues with removal of from the original build plate, now with the Wham Bam plate came off like butter and perfectly. No effort, no fights, no scraping, just a little flex of the plate and it was done.

I also ran some very large prints that took up the entire build plate area and were over 10 inches tall that I was pretty sure would be a problem for the Wham Bam plate and the magnet that also worked perfectly with no issues at all. Perfect prints, perfect connection to the build plate and no issues in removal of the print after.

I have had zero issues with the plate, the magnet or the function of the product in any way. It is 100% what it says it is, a fix for the issues of getting prints off the build plate. Worth every penny.

I honestly tell everyone that is interested in 3D printing that I come in contact with about the company, how awesome the support is and how much I love the build plate. I believe that the Wham Bam should be a stock part of every resin printer.

As a person with a disability, the Wham Bam Flex Plate helped me overcome a physical obstacle limiting my successes in 3D printing and as a result, made 3D printing world a lot more inclusive. (Huge thanks and shoutout to Mr. Solomon and the entire Wham Bam Team. You folks are amazing!)

If it can do that for me, imagine what it can do for you rather than fighting to get prints to remove nicely from a build plate.

I 100% recommend the product.
You cannot beat the customer service they have.
Yes, you do want and need it.

G. Hayes

Kenneth Weiland
Saturn 3 Ultra and Lychee slicer - Not great

The printer works nicely, but the integration of the Lychee slicer is terrible. All the prints are mirrored. The Wham Bam plates are also great. Sent several emails to Lychee support and no resolution.