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Flexi Plate Only (No Build Surface) - 345Ø - Tevo Up Little Monster

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Size: Ø345 / 345mm round / 13.6” round **This is a closeout size**

fits: Tevo Up Little Monster

The Wham Bam Flexi Plate is made from high-quality flexible spring steel designed to be bent thousands of times without kinking. The spring alloy contains a high level of chromium to ensure no rust or oxidation for its lifetime. The Flexi Plate is 0.4mm thick. Build surface sold separately.

Having extra Flexi Plates on hand to do a live swap will speed up your workflow!

*Please confirm bed size on your actual machine prior to ordering, keep in mind that on one side you will have 2 tabs (1 tab on round beds) which stick out another 15mm. When in doubt cut out a piece of paper to the size of the kit you are interested in ordering and overlay this on your machine to check fit. Wham Bam is not responsible for mistaken sizes ordered. 

*It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any taxes and import duties. No refunds of uncollected customs packages.

Customer Reviews

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Maarten Knapen
Nice quality flexplate but inherently flawed

I really liked the finish of the parts, but would have preferred if the pei was pre-applied.
But that’s a minor thing.
My biggest issue is the plate not sticking to the magnetic base when it’s heating up.
It warps and bulges. Sometimes the edges curl up, sometimes it’s the middle portion that pops up. You then need to massage it down and hope it keeps sticking. It’s practically unusable.