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the Cloud - Personal Printer Sentry

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Due to shipping limitations, the Cloud is only available to ship to the US, UK, and select EU destinations but more countries will be available soon!

the Cloud is a personal extinguishing device for any 3d printer, laser, or CNC that gives you peace of mind when leaving your machines unattended for hours at a time!

the Cloud comes with a hook patch on the rear side and a matching separate loop patch with a strong 3M backing. You can mount this loop patch to a wall, your printer, or to a 3D printed bracket to mount to your printer in an optimal position. Plus our most recent HotBox and HotBox Mega have a loop patch already sewn into the inner top panel to give a convenient mounting point!

Rated as a Class A, B, C, E, and F fire extinguisher, the Cloud will only activate
with direct contact with a flame for at least 3 seconds and will not trigger
due to ambient temperature or smoke. Once activated, it makes a brief
explosion, launching a cloud of ABC extinguishing powder into the air around
the device.
The powder quickly extinguishes almost any fire within its


  • - Size: Ø135 x 35mm
  • - Weight: 250g
  • - Area covered 800 x 800 x 800mm
  • - Life Span: 5 Years (no maintenance required)
  • - Main Extinguishing Agent: non-toxic powder
  • - Material Standards: conforms to international environmental protection standards 91/155EEC.
  • - Resist up to 75°C enclosure temperature


    • - Mount above area to protect, directly above the fire risk zone.
    • - Will protect an area approximately 80cm x 80cm x 80cm.
    • - Will activate with direct contact from the flame for more than 3 seconds and will not be activated by smoke or heat.
    • - Be careful during activation as there is a brief powerful explosion and powder dispersion. Wear eye protection and keep your distance when flames are present.
    • - After the fire is extinguished the powder is harmless, simply vacuum it to clean it.


    • - Wear eye protection and use caution when around a live flame as the explosion is powerful and can launch the powder and film with force.
    • - The ABC powder may damage PCBs so after an activation please clean out your printer electronics and test before use.
    • - This device is to be used only to extinguish fire.
    • - Store at room temperature, in a dry, ventilated environment.
    • - Do not open the product, disassemble it, or tear off the protective wrap.

    See the Cloud in action!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Michael Emu
    Beruhigend zu haben und wird hoffentlich nie gebraucht

    Top Erfindung!! Gerade für Drucke über Nacht genau das richtige damit man ruhig schlafen kann.
    Leicht anzubringen und genau wie beschrieben. Ich hoffe ich werde es nie brauchen.


    Great, as always! I will definitely be ordering more as my business grows!

    Curtis Session
    Ease of Mind

    Having the cloud watching over my printer gives me that extra ease of mind during long prints that can't be watched over personally.

    Hope I never get to test it...

    This shipped so fast! And I absolutely want to give a huge THANK YOU for including a Thank You Ma'am sticker! I know printing 2 versions affects overhead cost. Be assured the effort has made you at least one fan!!

    Joshua Jeffries
    Best thing I’ve never used.

    It looks great, it showed up quickly, could be filled with glitter and baby powder for all I know. I hope I never have to use it, but if I do, I’ll come back and let you know how it turned out.