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XTR Resin Magnetic Base - 310 x 174

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Product Description - Viola Theme

Fits: Anycubic Photon M3 Max

Our XTR Magnetic Sheet for Resin is an extra thick (3mm) magnet with an alternating polarity array to produce amazing strength to combat suction forces even for large layer prints. Our new eXTReme line of resin magnets improves the already most powerful magnet available on the market. As consumer resin machines are getting bigger and bigger, there are larger and larger forces at play, and in response, we have created our strongest magnet yet with a power of well over 800 Gauss! It is backed with a specialty 3M adhesive created to resist harsh solvents and chemicals like resin, mean green, and isopropyl alcohol for prolonged periods even under continual usage situations.

**Magnet only, no Plate included**

Printer Fits:

• Anycubic Photon M3 Max

Size = 310 x 174 mm

FBSR Magnet

For more info, please check our Flexible Build System for Resin Support Page

Install Info

*Note: Anycubic is known for having uneven build plates.You will need to level your build plate by sanding it before installing our magnet.

We always recommend sanding the build plate (Textured & non-textured) to open the pores, even for brand-new build heads, to help remove cutting oils and contaminants and prepare the metal for the 3M bond. We worked with 3M to have the best glue that would resist the harsh chemicals found in 3D Print Resins and Isopropyl Alcohol, but it does not do well on any metal with contaminants.

On top of it all, many printers are famous for not having a flat bottom, which will cause issues later.

When installing the new magnet please follow along with this video:

Follow these instructions for the best installation of the magnet:

  1. Be sure to remove the old magnet and adhesive
  2. Check that your build plate is flat by laying a steel ruler on the edge across it in all directions and see if there is any light passing between it.
  3. Let the whole head sit for at least 30 minutes in an alcohol bath to remove residue from the entire build head and hard to reach places.
  4. Use 220 grit sandpaper on the bottom of your build plate to rough up the surface and open the pores and ensure there is no residue left
  5. Re-clean with alcohol and a fresh paper towel, repeat the process with a new paper towel until the towel comes away clean
  6. Let dry completely
  7. Then mount the magnet and leave it to cure for 72 hours.

For installation and calibration please follow our video below:

Resin Printing Best Practices with the Wham Bam Flexible Build System

Never leave resin sandwiched between the plate and the Magnet

Do not leave your Flexi Plate on the Magnet with resin between the two for longer than 2 hours.

Always clean your Flexi Plate & Magnet between Prints

Always clean your Flexi Plate well with isopropyl alcohol and let it dry completely before placing it on the magnet.

Always clean your Magnet with isopropyl alcohol and let dry completely before replacing the Flexi Plate.

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