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Resin HotBox Mega - 3D Printer Enclosure

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The Resin HotBox Mega was created for users of larger machines to get more consistent results and fewer failures with a temperature-controlled ambient resin printer enclosure. Nearly every resin prints better at specific temperature ranges, especially the higher-performance and exotic resins. The Resin HotBox Mega enclosure also helps to trap fumes and has a built-in port to add fume extraction.

All of our HotBox lines are made of high-grade Nylon 600D fabric with fire-resistant coating and lined with a metallic heat-deflecting internal liner that sandwiches around a strong, lightweight honeycomb insulating structure. It has a temperature gauge right on the front panel so you can monitor the internal temperature.  You can allow the heat of the machine and the catalytic reaction of curing resin to maintain temperatures or add a small heater.

Features include:

  • - Lightweight semi-rigid construction
  • - Excellent insulating properties
  • - Folds up flat, is easy to store and transport
  • - Front USB outlet and extension cable 
  • - Cable passage for power or other cables
  • - Full view front window covered with an anti-UV film to allow viewing the print
  • - Built-in thermometer (two LR44 batteries not included)
  • - Passage with cover for user-added fume extraction and air filtering
  • - A set of loops to hold an anti-UV LED light bar
  • - Built-in top handle to lift the enclosure when needed

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The Resin HotBox Mega is 450mm wide x 450mm deep x 635mm tall and fits the following printers:

  • - AnyCubic Photon M3 Max
  • - AnyCubic Photon M3 Plus
  • - AnyCubic Photon M3 Premium
  • - AnyCubic Photon Mono M5
  • - AnyCubic Photon Mono M5s
  • - AnyCubic Photon Mono 2 (or snug fit on the Resin HotBox)
  • - Creality Halot Lite
  • - EPAX 3D E10 5K 10.1
  • - Elegoo Saturn 8k (or snug fit on the Resin HotBox)
  • - Elegoo Saturn 2 (or snug fit on the Resin HotBox)
  • - Elegoo Saturn 3 (or snug fit on the Resin HotBox)
  • - Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra (or snug fit on the Resin HotBox)
  • - Elegoo Saturn 4
  • - Elegoo Saturn 4 Ultra
  • - Phrozen Sonic Mighty 8K

Customer Reviews

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Resin HotBox Mega - 3D Printer Enclosure

Christopher Mepham
Best enclosure for the price!

I've wanted an XL resin enclosure for a while now, but all the plexiglass ones or others were hundreds of dollars. I finally came across this hot box XL and it fits my Photon Mono X 5k perfectly! Included vent hole and STL file for a fan lets me vent the fumes. I couldn't be happier, definitely worth it.